Today we are announcing to the world Radiant Spectra has arrived.

With the launch of our website, we are very excited to start releasing information about who we are and what we do. Although we just launched our website, the Radiant Spectra team has been developing amazing technology together for nearly a full year. With a focus on innovation and developing products that solve problems, we believe our first product will quickly capture the attention of our target market. It has some amazing features and huge potential to create an entire new industry.

Speaking of which, the launch  of our first product will occur on July 13th at 10 AM EST. A press release on our website will unveil the product page, product logo, and some initial details about the product. Initial details will be slim, but we will release more information about the product as we gain a following on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We will release photos and promotional videos in the upcoming weeks.

We are very excited to see the reaction of the world as we release more details of this exciting product.